Tuesday 11th: Athens - Tolo

We woke up a bit early in the morning. We had breakfast (then I was completely asleep), and then we went to wait the bus to the hotel's hall. In the bus, I sat down next to Aspa, and also near Tania, Meggie & Geeske, Despoina, Vayia, Jessica and also Stefan. Actually that was the moment when we all started to know each other, to share experiences or just talk. The trip took three hours aproximately, so we arrived Mycenae near midday. But first we stopped at the Corinth Canal, which was like a scar in the earth. It had a strange beauty, because the walls were very rude, but water was very, very blue (it could seem artificial). We spent some time there, because we bought some things, like the newspaper where some of us appeared. Finally we found the "Elefzeros Typos", the only one I could find with that article. We also went to the bridge on the Canal, and took some photos.

Fortunately, we saw a ship crossing it, and was a nice show, because it seemed to me that was just going to crash. Also was a beautiful contrast red with blue-green...

Meggie, Aspa, Andrej and some more were all in the bridge, making photos. And, of course, someone made a photo of us. As you can see, in this photo I haven't got those horrible things in my teeth. Was a photographic joke!! Teeth were digitally treated, and the iron things erased.


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